The future of visualization is being reinvented with eDESIGN!

With our HMI WEB Editor eDESIGN you can create your WEB HMI in minutes and without any programming knowledge! eDESIGN has many built-in features such as SCADA functionality, Trending optionsAlarming or predefined controls in SVG format, so everyone can create their WEB HMI, Industrial Application or Dashboard.

Design your fully responsive WEB HMI with so-called containers, no matter if on the smartphone, on the tablet or on the desktop, our HMI WEB Editor is optimally adapted to each format. Via drag & drop, even complex systems such as databases (MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, Oracle ...) can be integrated without programming like in any other CMS. 

eDESIGN can also be individually adapted to any Cooperate Identity (CI). A lot of control elements in SVG format are available, which can be connected directly to the machines (PLC's) with no development effort! They can be customized to the company's own CI in the HMI WEB Editor. On top of that, you can also upload your own control elements in SVG format and create a visualization perfectly fitting your needs. Our various how-to videos will support you.

Of course we can also help you to adapt your HMI or Application to your individual needs. To ensure a fluent transition to eDESIGN in your company, we also offer training courses on request, where our support personnel, developers and designers will be happy to advise you.

With eDESIGN you can integrate any OPC-UA capable PLC into your WEB HMI. In combination with the engineering environment CODESYS V3 IEC61131-3, object-oriented control tasks can be created with the latest web technology. With high-performance reserves, you will have a safe investment solution at your disposal. 

Enjoy the freedom with which you can implement your ideas in exactly the way you want.

You can test eDESIGN here:

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The Web Editor eDESIGN product advantages at a glance

Optimized for CODESYS V3

Direct access to all variables of the symbol configuration both in polling and/or event-based operation mode.

Database access (Text, Excel, SQL)

Easy database access for data management and display up to an ERP system such as infor, SAP etc.. Additionally, databases can be linked and data can be imported and exported.

Simple and modern

Without programming knowledge with a few steps to your responsive design. Cross-platform with different browsers.

Transparent display and evaluation of machine data

Recipes, fault messages, summation, averaging, filters, sorting functions, graphics, charts with real-time data, drag and drop, clipboard, etc.


Simple language switching


With the Inline Editor, all controls can be parameterized without additional tools and easily linked to CODESYS data points.

3D presentation

Display of 3D elements in Collada format.

User administration

Any number of users with different authorizations can be created.


Complex controls are available in the standard system, which are continuously maintained and extended.


The creation of own elements is integrated.

Trend chart

Extensive trend diagrams are available for the presentation of your data


Powerful fault alarm system with the possibility of integrating online data, images, priorities, etc. and using appropriate filters.


With the built-in VNC client you can access any VNC server directly from your website.

High-precision analog value acquisition

Flowchart with highly accurate 24-bit analog processing

Free choice of provider

The websites created with eDESIGN can also be hosted with the provider of your choice. With the built-in communication protocols you can also access other controllers with OPC-UA.

Latest responsiv technology

With eDESIGN you get the know-how from more than 20 years of experience in the field of Human Machine Interface into your machines and systems. The runtime of the newly developed visualization software eDESIGN is based on native web technologies like HTML5, SVG and JavaScript with the latest Angular Framework.

Create dashboards with analytical data in no time

  • Dashboard
    The goal is to realize a continuous data analysis independent of the engineering tools.  
  • Data Acquisition
    Within CODESYS, data can be recorded independently.
  • Communication
    OPC-UA is used for communication.  
  • Historical data
    Our systems are equipped with databases so that the machine data can be stored for a long time.
  • Data analysis
    All functions for data analysis are easy to customiz

Runs at any time and in different environments

The technologies used ensure maximum freedom in the choice of the runtime environment. eDESIGN will initially be available for panel-based systems. eDESIGN can also be operated in an edge or cloud environment. In addition, you can use one-time created control images as AR (Augmented Reality) content.

Simple and continuous scalability

With eDESIGN you scale easily and consistently for all your applications, from the operator panel directly at the machine to the complex SCADA solution. The system simplifies the collaboration of all devices in the plant through flexible data exchange and enables authorized operators to access the system directly via any modern web browser - without the need to install separate plug-ins.

Grows with your requirements

eDESIGN offers various options for industry-specific requirements and can be extended with user-specific applications via its open interfaces. Thanks to the open database integration combined with the latest technologies and the high degree of openness you can easily exchange the data of eDESIGN with other systems.

Hardware and software seamlessly integrated

The eVISIO HMI panels allow you to take full advantage of the power of eDESIGN . Thanks to HTML5 and SVG support, the visualization opens up many new possibilities which you can easily and efficiently implement with the eDESIGN Editor. You scale the eDESIGN system comfortably for every need and get many possibilities for the implementation of your requirements by the open OPC-UA or WebSocket interfaces. As known from OFFICE 365 the development environment is web based and already pre-installed on the eVISIO panels. So plug us in and get started, without the need for complex installation of development software.