Our products are manufactured quickly, reliably and inexpensively and of course with stable quality. With us as a partner, we develop individual and suitable automation concepts and systems together with you.

Our internal research, development and production department provides the basis for our high-performance products.

Modern methods, combined with the use of the latest technologies, enable production at the highest quality level. Our fully automatic production lines and manufacturing systems are optimally adapted to the processes. For example, the assembly is carried out under inert gas. This prevents oxidation formation and early failures.

A further quality aspect is the numerous test instances that the individual products pass through until they are actually dispatched in our company. For example, components are tested for function and tolerance before processing. After the first stage of production, we use the Incurrit test procedure and, as the vertical range of manufacture increases, we also carry out further functional tests such as Burn IN and other quality assurance measures.

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

With our energy management system we meet the requirements of the EDL law.

All methods and procedures ensure the optimal quality of our products.