Your process data can be easily displayed or changed with the practice-oriented display diagonals. The eVISIO products serve as HMI and take over the display and operation of your systems. With our Web Panels, simple solutions are available to you without extra development effort. With the support of the WEB visualization CODESYS V2 (Panels with operating system Windows IoT) and V3 (Panels with Windows IoT and/or Linux) you can display the WEB visualization of the most different manufacturers without any extra development effort. In order to implement your CI, we are also happy to create product variants and designs for a smooth integration into your application environment.

The eVISIO product advantages at a glance

Chromium Browser for high HTML5 compatibility

High speed with high compatibility behavior in fullscreen presentation or as tab browsing. 100eb technology and support of JavaScript V8, HTML5 CSS3 and JavaVirtualMachine. Fomats: H.264, AAC, MP3, WAV, PDF.

Microsoft Windows® IoT

The Visual Studio code allows programming in C, C++ or C# under Windows® IoT Enterprise.


With the GNU Compiler Collection you can program in C or C++ under Linux.

Optimized for CODESYS VisuV2 and V3

The web panels are designed for performat and optimum representation oft the 3S visu. Also is a detection of communication fault integrated.


The WBM will help you by the configuration of the system. The access can be provided local as well as via Ethernet.

Multitouch support

Resisitive and PCAP solutions are available.


For the remote operation and display of a computer is a VNC client available on the devices.

Custmer- specific

Support your CI with our know-how in design and use of different materials like plastic, aluminum, glass, stainless steel.

Not too much and not too little

For your solutions, scalable products are available with CPU performance and display diagonals adapted to your requirements.

Maintenance free

Higher profit on your system through low-maintenance, fanless and robust hardware.

High quality appearance

Despite high-quality design in aluminum, the panel impresses with its price / performance ratio.

Environmentally friendly

By using the latest embedded processors, you have high performance with minimum power consumption.

The eVISIO Products

PTE 507

  • 7“
  • 800 x 480 Pixel
  • PCAP Touchscreen (Cover glass)
  • Cortex-A9 Dual Core 800 MHz

PTE 510

  • 10,1“
  • 1280 x 800 Pixel
  • PCAP Touchscreen (Cover glass)
  • Cortex-A9 Dual Core 800 MHz

Download eVISIO Brochure

Download eVISIO Brochure