OEM development customized for you

In OEM development we focus on the following topics:

  • High-speed technology
    Frei konfigurierbare FPGA Logik ermöglich Bearbeitungszeiten von 1µs
  • From one source - from development to series delivery
    Engineering in SW, HW, SMD+THT, production, ...
  • Customer-specific I/O configuration
    starting from a quantity of 1000 p.a. we can offer adapted I/O configuration at a fixed price
  • Measurement Technology
    Analog processing up to 24bit resolution or a sampling rate of 2 M samples/s
  • Actuators
    Power outputs up to 1000 V and 50 A
  • PLC / HMI
    CODESYS V3 based control technology from the smallest to the largest
  • Interfaces
    High variation of real-time, fieldbus and other interfaces

Configure your systems with a few function modules

  • Top hat rail mounting integrated
  • Passive (without fan) cooling integrated
  • Embedded power electronics and drive electronics
  • Available also as a low-cost synthetic solution

The base is the extruded aluminium housing


Digital Inputs
with and without electrical isolation, 100 HZ ... 10 Mhz
Counting Inputs
Frequency, Counter, Quad Counter
Analoge Inputs
8, 12, 16 and 24-bit resolution. 1s, 100ms, 1ms, 1µs Conversion time
Encoder Inputs
A-B track, SinCos, Resolver, BISS, SSI, EnDat 2.1 and 2.2 and Hiperface
Digital Outputs
with and without galvanic isolation
Transistor Output or Relay or Solid-State-Relay
SSR with triac control
over pulse/direction
Analog Outputs
8, 10, 12 and 16-bit resolution
100ms, 1ms, 1µs Conversion time

Communicative Interfaces

Realtime Ethernet
EtherCAT Master and Slave Solutions
With TCP-Modbus communication can be offered as client or server solution
CAN interfaces with and without galvanic isolation.
CANopen and other protocol support.
Serial interface
RS232, 422 or 485 interfaces with and without electrical isolation. Support for RTU Modbus.
Digital control of monitors.
Digital control of monitors.
Supports USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0
Both USB host and USB client solutions with and without galvanic isolation.

Examples of different I/Os

Control Panel RME600
EtherCAT master without CoDeSys runtime
16 x Analog Inputs ( 8 x Pt100, 8 x current/voltage )
6 x Analog Outputs
8 x Digital Inputs
8 x Digital Outputs
16 x Digital Inputs
16 x Digital Outputs
9 x Digital Inputs
7 x Triac Outputs
2 x Contactor Outputs
1 x Relay Output
4 x Digital Outputs
18 x Digitale Inputs
22 x Triac Outputs
2 x Contactor Outputs
5 x Relay Output
1 x Digital Outputs
3 x Analog Input ( 2 x Pt100, 1 x current/voltage )

Cooling Concept